Role of a Medical Representative in the Pharmaceutical Industry

1990s and early 2000s was a golden period for Medical Representatives. Demand was through the roof and the perks were great. The job brought respect, substantial income, and provided a secure career trajectory for those looking to make a name for themselves. Youngsters across the country actively searched for opportunities in the space. The coveted job became very hard to get, but then came the pharma boom in the early 2000s. Seeing the growth in the industry pharma companies started popping in every town and city. The employers were no longer industry leaders but small entrepreneurs. Hiring started everywhere, and so began the decline of the most coveted job. What made an individual a good medical representative did not matter anymore. Jobs needed to be filled and that is exactly what happened. The market is now stabilising. We are now seeing more companies exit from the pharma market rather than enter. The time for quality Medical representatives is coming again.

What does a Medical Representative do?

A medical representative, as the title suggests, represents a pharmaceutical company in front of the doctor. It is his/her job to promote or launch products in the market by explaining the uses and side effects of medicines to the doctors, pharmacists, and/or nurses. The job is essentially of a sales men. Doctors and pharmacists have several options to choose from. What sets your product range apart from the rest is what makes the difference. Besides being a marketing genius, a medical representative coordinates between distributors and chemists to ensure product availability to honour prescriptions, maintains sale records, submits reports to superiors, collects market feedback about product efficacy, and resolves any disputes arising in his/her area. Perhaps one of the most crucial jobs of a medical representative is to conduct Retail Chain Prescription Audit (RCPA). RCPA is a term used for market research where a medical representative analyses prescription patterns of doctors in the area. This is done to create a strategy to promote their own brands to the doctors. Strategising is never easy. It is what differentiates a good medical representative from a bad one.

What makes a good a Medical Representative?

There is no point mentioning what makes a good employee, but we can shed some light on what makes a good medical representative.

  • Good sales man
  • Strong and in depth knowledge of the products
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Respectful, disciplined, and well groomed
  • Should have patience
  • Should be open to travelling
  • Should be able to utilise promotional material
  • Capable of working independently

What is the career progression?

If you are a top performer, you will be promoted to the position of Area Sales Manager. At this position, you will manage several medical representatives. After a successful stint at this position, you will be promoted to regional sales manager and if all goes well, you will retire as a national sales manager.


If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, feel free to check out our Careers page. Do remember to send in your resume. Remember the pay and perks are good, It is a respectful job, with bright career prospects. In case you are already in this industry, and are interested in starting your own company, feel free to explore your interest by reading our post PCD Pharma Franchise vs own marketing company?. If you want to explore taking a PCD Pharma Franchise, feel free to contact us.

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