Why take Roseate’s PCD Pharma Franchise?

Why take Roseate’s PCD Pharma Franchise?

There are plenty of PCD Pharma Franchise opportunities out there, and we understand that there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Before you take your decision, we want to shed light on certain aspects where Roseate outsmarts its competitors. 

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Why partner with Roseate?

Highest Quality Medicines:

This point is No.1 for a reason. Quality medicine should be your primary concern when choosing a PCD Pharma Franchise. Roseate products are approved at most major hospital chains including AIIMS, PGI, Fortis, and Apollo, etc. We have our own manufacturing plant in Solan, HP with over 250 employees working around the clock. The plant is ISO 9001:2018, GMP, GLP, and HACCP certified. Our WHO-cGMP certification is underway. Our plant is approved by many major pharmaceutical companies like Alkem Laboratories Ltd, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Dr. Morepen, Olcare Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Ind Swift Ltd., and Khandelwal Laboratories, etc. So relax as our brands are being manufactured right next to leading brands in the country. To assure you of our commitment to manufacture quality products, we provide Certificate of Analyses for all our brands.

Our brands are also being exported:

Beyond India, Roseate is present in countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Rwanda, and Yemen, etc. Our new objective is to expand our footprint around the globe. By end of 2222, we hope to provide quality healthcare in up to 25 countries.

Wide range of products:

Roseate offers access to some of the most widely accepted formulations. Currently we offer a basket of over 100 products (Drug, Food, and Ayurvedic) but we are hoping to take this to 500 products with your help.

We are the Clav Experts:

Roseate boasts state of the art Clavulanic Acid manufacturing facility. It is one of the biggest facilities in India and can manufacture up to 1.5 crore tablets and 12 lac dry syrup bottles per month. We are known as the Clav Experts, and that is for a reason. Our anti biotics have a proven track record. We are also manufacturing leading anti biotic brands for major pharma companies. Can you guess which they are?

Still Need more Reasons?

Low possibility of stock out:

As a manufacturer, it is easy to speed up production when required to avoid sale loss. Most of our competitors are traders. They have little say in what goes on inside a plant. Roseate understands how difficult it is to convince a doctor to promote a brand. No one wants prescriptions bouncing because of shortages. As our PCD Pharma Franchise partner, Roseate will help you ensure just that. 

Strong F&D team:

Roseate boasts a very strong formulation development team that can deliver new formulations to our customers with ease. We are India’s first manufacturers for Nicotine lozenges. Our product portfolio in nutraceuticals is also extremely attractive as most formulations are backed by clinical research. As a PCD Pharma Franchise partner, you need to look for a company that can innovate and not lose luster in time. Selling Paracetamol is not what will add value to your basket, but selling new innovative products will. Lead the competition. Don’t follow. 

Good listener:

This point is very important to have in your PCD Pharma Franchise company. As partners it is our job to listen to you. We will develop or modify formulations based on feedback received by you. Afterall keeping our partners happy is key to success.

We hope the above points will help you choose the right PCD Pharma Franchise company. We all know there are a lot of cheap offerings out there. Beware! Do you really want to start your entrepreneurial journey with products of inferior quality? Choose Roseate and start your business on the right note.  For more information, feel free to contact our PCD Pharma Franchise team.

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