Ready Formulations


Roseate Medicare offers ready formulations for domestic and international market. Currently, our products are being marketed in all states in India and 14 other countries. With patient care being our foremost concern, our formulations are made to offer the best results be they prophylactic or therapeutic.

Roseate Medicare currently has two marketing divisions: Roseate Medicare PCD and Roseate Drugs.

While both divisions are available on monopoly basis, they serve very different markets. Roseate Medicare PCD caters to doctor promotion and Roseate Drugs caters to the generic consumption of drugs.

Why join us as distribution or PCD partners?

As our partner, you will have access to our vast pool of resources that will help you strengthen your market. We understand that Generic and Franchise business is difficult, and we are here to help. As competition becomes fiercer, we shall equip you with the latest tools to fend off any attacks. To give you an edge, we have begun researching new molecules to be added to our product list. Our goal is to have over 400 products in the next two years, and our terms and conditions are mutually beneficial.


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Franchise/PCD Medicines


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