Say Bye Bye To Hemorrhoids!

Each capsule contains:

Commiphora Molmol (Pura) Oleoresin 250mg+ Gardenia Gummifera (Naadohingu) Gum Resin 83mg+Tagetes Erecta (Genda) Flowers 83.50mg+Mesua Ferrea (Nagakesar) Stem 83.50mg

Suggested Packing: Bottle Pack of 30 Capsules / Blister or Alu Alu 3×10

Dosage: 2 Capsules twice a day

Product Overview

Roidosanal capsules contain a blend of 4 processed herbs, standardized to contain not less than 7% total catechins and epicatechins.

  • Multimodal approach – towards hemorrhoids treatment, formulation consisting of herbs indicated for treatment of hemorrhoids and amelioration of symptoms to improve QoL.
  • Short duration of treatment provides better results and compliance as compared to leading brands viz. DAFLON® [ Market Leader]
  •  Clinical Trial of this product in different grades of hemorrhoids, showed excellent results.
  • Shown beneficial effect when prescribed 15 days prior to opting for surgery.
  •  Well tolerated with no side effects as reported during the treatment and satisfactory outcome during a follow-up period of 45 days.

Extremely safe!! No side-effects encountered.

  • Plant parts used in the above formulation have a long history of safe usage.
  • Toxicological studies have been conducted and the product has been found to be very safe.
  • Product already been in clinical trials and available commercially since 2016.
  • No side-effects or adverse events have been reported till date.


  • This product works better for treating Gr III hemorrhoids.
  • 15 days treatment proven highly beneficial for symptomatic relief in grade i, ii and iii hemorrhoids.
  • Therapy is pain-free, quick, economical, and safe
  • Effective as an out-patient treatment.
  • Good substitute for surgery in early cases of hemorrhoids
  • This product offer better treatment option for hemorrhoids compared to other available therapeutic options such as hydrotherapy, mechanical compression therapy, and diet and lifestyle changes that are associated with low compliance.
  • This product found to be better in improving the clinical symptoms of hemorrhoids as compare to DAFLON® [Market Leader]
  • Patients treated with this product also showed improvement in the grades of hemorrhoids.
  • There were no adverse events reported with either of the treatments.
  • This product is a safe and effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

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