Wish to start your own pharma business?

If you are reading this, we congratulate you on your decision to enter into the lucrative world of pharmaceuticals. Roseate is here to help regardless of whether you are a beginner or an industry veteran.  

Before you take this journey, you need to decide if you want to launch your own marketing company, or take a pcd pharma franchise of an existing player.  The decision is not simple. 

If you choose to start your own marketing company, you exclusively decide what products to launch and how to market them. You need get your own drug license, apply for trademarks for the brands you wish to market, and also set up back end team to manage accounts, marketing and distribution. While this sounds  exciting, you do have to budget for the manufacturers minimum order quantity, product development charges, lead time for production, logistic contracts, and product design, etc. If you have the resources to manage these affairs, feel free to contact our third party manufacturing team to help turn your interest into reality. 

Alternatively, you can also choose to take a pcd pharma franchise from an exisitng player. Roseate, for example, offers tie up to budding entrepreneurs who are looking to mark their presence in the pharma indsutry. Businessmen choose to take a PCD pharma franchise for several reasons. Companies offering PCD pharma franchise usually have a team to manage stock to avoid stock outs for their PCD pharma franchise partners. The team will also manage production lead time, answer queries pertaining to quality and other aspects of the business, assist with training of medical representaives hired by PCD pharma franchise partners, and develop new products on behalf of their partners, etc. Another advantage for the PCD pharma franchise partner is access to a big range of products that has already been developed by the company. This is one of the biggest advanatges as with a low cost investment you can buy a big basket of products to cater to your market. In the third party manufcturing route, developing a big basket would require a lot of financial resources. Another advantage of being a PCD pharma franchise partner is that you as an entrepreneru can exclusively focus on building relations with distributors and doctors to promote the brands. This way a PCD pharma franchise partner can get a positive return on investment relatively quickly. If you decide that this is the right option for you, feel free to contact our PCD pharma franchise team. 

Regardless of what you choose, you will be the boss of your destiny. You get to hire and train medical representatives, set up a distribution channel, and come up with effective marketing tools and strategies. You get to take major decisions with regards to the growth of your company, and in time you will see yourself become a major stakeholder in the pharma industry. Whatever you choose, Roseate will support your decision.  To know about Roseate’s PCD pharma franchise terms and conditions, please click here. To know abour Roseate’s Third party manufacturing arm, please click here. 

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